Our Team

From our fully qualified in-house designers, through to our experienced fitting teams, you can be sure of a complete and fully professional service. We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure the finished article is the product they require. We deliver the complete signage solution.

Design Studio and Print Workshop

We at The Colour House have some of the latest technology in computing and designing software, with this equipment and knowledge we can produce what our customer needs. It is our job to make your great ideas into a practical reality.

We constantly strive for quality and innovation by investing in the very latest technology and continue to train our staff to use it.




Manufacturing Team

Fabrication has its part to play in getting the customer exactly what they want, it ensures that when it comes to installation the product looks perfect. We can meet any requirement that the sales team and customer put to us, we are always facing new challenges and enjoy every moment of meeting them especially when it all comes together.

Installation Team

We at The Colour House have fully skilled teams with all the equipment and experience required to get your project turned around in the shortest possible time. With our 'right first time' philosophy we take pride in what we do and give you a professional and efficient service.




Our Fleet

Recent investment in a new fleet of 9 vehicles complete with sat nav and tracking devices ensures that our transport section runs efficiently. This will not only raise the profile of our company but also ensure that any delays to our customers caused by transport problems will be kept to a bare minimum.

new vans arriving in August