Taylor Wimpey Clare Garde Village

The Colour House is proud to be the sole signage provider for Taylor Wimpey South Wales since 2008. Working closely with Sara Taylor the Sales Director, and her management team.

From simple plot boards to complete sales area set ups we have catered for it all. Manufacturing, installing and maintaining the signage on all sites across South Wales.

More recently, we embarked on the sales area of Taylor Wimpey’s latest development in South Wales Clare Garden Village.

This is a massive development deep in the heart of The Vale and has a large sales area. Fascia sign, stand off lettering, parking signs, directional signs, all printed and installed by ourselves in the timescales set by the sales director and her team.

Once installed it was time for the landscapers to work their magic, so we bubbled wrapped all the signage, and revisited to unwrap and clean of any dust the day before opening.

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